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Chuck Norris and Me

2007-08-02 23:57:46 by Rumclock

Chuck Norris is not only A tv star, but he is a 8th degree black belt, a world champion karate master, a sped boat racer, a pilot, a super hero, a fire fighter, a registered officer in 15 states, a legal means of execution, and a kite flying champion.

Chuck Norris and Me


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2007-10-27 16:10:16

I heard he once counted to infinity...... twice!


2008-07-13 15:12:18

Chuck Norris is awesome. He is like the American version of Jet Lee.


2009-03-31 19:03:54



2009-03-31 20:00:25

i heard that chuck norris tears can cure cancer.........too bad he never cries.......